This page is archived. After bootstrapping from late 2022 until early 2023, Dregn attempted multiple rounds of crypto crowdfunding with the DREGN utility token through an ICO platform offering until late 2023. The ICO Website is mostly preserved below for historical reasons until the vesting periods have passed. There is still a blockchain lane with token utilities on the roadmap including tools & talent marketplace, partner ecosystem and blockchain ledgered tokenization but it has been deferred until sometime after the Dregn SaaS platform is through beta stages.
For now, the legitimate native DREGN utility token is established and available for swap.


The epic journey begins to evolve the network industry

Through network tool SaaS platform innovations and leveraging the DREGN utility token to establish an industry-specific ecosystem, Dregn is working on a networking revolution.

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About Us

Dregn is a journey to evolve IT networking. Dregn’s mission is to significantly improve the art & science of IT networking through ambitious innovations. Our vision is to boost network tools and enhance the value & future of work for network personnel with an extensive network tools SaaS suite, an AI roadmap, a blockchain utility token ecosystem and a revolutionary 3d game-like real time interface for better visibility, analysis and control. Dregn’s platform is empowered by leveraging the DREGN token and the plans for functions of the platform in the coming years are just industry-changing. It’s time to evolve networking.

Download Whitepaper.

There’s a lot more to Dregn and what we have planned. It’s revolutionary and defines a new market. Read our whitepaper for more detail on what we are working on.


Token Sales

The DREGN utility token is the core of our ecosystem specific to the network industry and used to raise funds for our ongoing development efforts. Tokenomics including token allocations, cliffs, vesting periods, planned ecosystem utilities and more are explained in our whitepaper.

Total Tokens - 100M
circle-iconTotal Circulation - 50M
circle-iconUnminted Tokens - 50M
  • Public Presale Round 1
  • Public Presale Round 2
  • Public Presale Round 3
  • ICO Public Sale
  • Ecosystem
  • Treasury
  • Team
  • Marketing
  • Promo (Airdrop/Etc.)


Dregn many ideas to fuel a roadmap for years to come, starting with the next couple years of development milestones. From the 3D interface functionality to the underlying network intelligence and tools to the ecosystem innovations planned for exploration, a feature-rich path ahead will be shaped also by requests and feedback.

  • 2023 Q1Concept
  • Project Ideation
  • Starting Development
  • 2023 Q2Ideate and Initiate
  • Project ideation
  • Initial development of Dregn Saas platform
  • 2023 Q3 Establish Foundations
  • Launch DREGN utility token
  • Development of SaaS core platform
  • 2023 Q4Build
  • Development of Dregn ecosystem
  • Build SaaS pre-MVP stack
  • 2024 Q1Limited Releases
  • Ecosystem Partner Utility Testing
  • SaaS MVP Closed Beta Testing
  • SaaS Marketing Preparations

Strategic Partners

  • ancrypto
Our Team

Meet our Members

Dregn’s Core Team and Advisors (quite a few others working behind the scenes)


Jason S.

Founder, Cisco CCIE Lifetime


Brian B.

Senior Developer, Bachelor's Comp
Sci, Drexel University


Heather S.

Financial & HR, Bachelor’s in Bus
Admin, Ursinus

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Download and set up a MetaMask wallet.Choose the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain.You can then follow the process to buy DREGN tokens when available

Connect your wallet successfully.Complete KYC process.Click on Buy Now button.Enter details in buying dashboard.Give confirmation to connected wallet.After a successful transaction you can check the transaction details.You can claim the tokens per the vesting schedule detailed in the whitepaper

Our platform offers a lucrative referral bonus to the referring user.Any DREGN token buyer gets a unique referral link to share with anyone.Each referred user follows the link and process to buy a minimum of DREGNs.The referring user earns a percentage of the one- time referred transaction.The program is subject to purchase minimums and one use per referred user

Although not primarily intended for speculative trading, the value could rise.DREGN utility tokens will be tradable for the planned SaaS platform credits.DREGN utility tokens will be tradable for services of ecosystem partners.DREGN utility tokens have other planned utilities on the roadmap

The DREGN utility token is intended to establish a network industry ecosystem as well as provide initial project funding. While not intended as a speculative trading token, there is potential as with any tradable tokens.

DREGN tokens have many potential uses planned and will soon be used to purchase credits for usage of the Dregn SaaS platform at exclusive discount, used or traded for services of ecosystem partners and for an eventual planned marketplace of tools & expertise.

No. The DREGN token was intended to establish a stable ecosystem with deflationary buyback and trading anticipated to boost the token value. Also, the circulation is already conservative, so supply & demand is already in favor of the token value.

Cryptocurrency and/or tokens may be regulated in your jurisdiction. The value of the DREGN token may go down as well as up, with no promised value or ROI. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Dregn is incorporated in the United States where KYC & AML are required to protect Dregn, now and in the future, from regulatory and legal liabilities. Buyers of the DREGN token in the ICO sale rounds must be verified & accepted by the KYC process to be allowed to buy.

Regulations are still evolving in the US and other countries to accommodate the era of digital assets but the DREGN utility token should be safe from just about all securities regulation concerns. The DREGN is not a security token related to ownership of Dregn itself, has no DAO or governance rights mechanisms implemented or planned and is not positioned as an investment vehicle for dividends, staking or any other kind of yield for holders of the token. It is simply an industry-specific utility token.